Wednesday, May 22, 2013

tool #11

Dropbox is one I have learned about that I think I will use the most.  In my classroom, I really like learning more about Google programs and think I can incorporate that easily into some of my lessons.  Also I want to try to use Today's meet to help move along classroom discussions, as well as have everyone participate.

My thinking hasn't exactly changed, I am just going to have to work harder to put more of it out there. I will have to change lessons to utilize the technology we will be receiving. It would help more if I could start giving some of the control over to the kids over projects, because honestly they will always be more techno-forward than I will be!

I really didn't have any unexpected outcomes, but a lot of surprises! I guess I didn't realize how much technology was actually out there for us to use.  I didn't look into all the links/sites they had listed, and the ones I did view I didn't spend as much time exploring them as I would have liked.  But I can always go back to them to learn more about them.

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