Friday, August 3, 2012

Tool #4

Using Apps on Campus: 
Google Docs can be used on campus to share documents, worksheets, and documents that have been updated or edited. This way you can download these updated documents in what folders you have on your computer. This App is also great for when you have a sign-up list and need people to go and sign up for jobs, cookies, etc.

Using Apps in Classroom and Students Using Apps: 
Using Google Forms is a great way to create assessments for students to do during a stations assignment or as homework one night. Student should be using their google email accounts already to collaborate with peers and with teachers. I also think that Google Docs is a great tool for students to use especially for presentations in the classroom. This way, multiple copies of one part of the project aren't all floating around to different people and allowing them to be presented not finished. Every part of the project can be updated in Google Docs. I am excited for my students to get to use this App. Another app that can be useful to students are the calendars to help the keep up with assignments and when projects are due.

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