Thursday, August 2, 2012

Tool #2

I found it so interesting to go and look through other teachers blogs! I especially like being able to see the links and the videos that teachers post. Sometimes when a teacher is just writing a blog it can be hard to grasp what they have produced or what they are trying to allow you to see/use. However, with the pictures and videos it is fun to watch what they have been doing in their classrooms. We all have different ways of thinking and some have more creative skills than others, so with the PLN's it is beneficial to see different ways of teaching different subjects to make each other better educators.

After reading the advice about commenting, I think one thing that stood out to me the most is to ask questions and leave things open ended. When blogging, I typically don't seek comments, but am just writing to tell stories and share information. However, with this type of blogging it is wonderful to be able to leave things open so that teachers with other experiences can share their thoughts with you. 

Sharing my thoughts publicly is slightly challenging to me, because I don't tend to want to write about what I think about feel on the internet. It will take some getting use to, but because it has such potential to benefit me a lot as a teacher I am willing to acclimate myself a little faster! 

This is a blog I would like to go to more for some reality checks on teaching inner city students. This man gives real advice and doesn't shy away from touchy subjects. Interesting to read about for sure.

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  1. I am reading people's reflections on tool 2, and I am excited to see that a lot of us share the same feelings.